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0ur Pharmacy Partners

 Hayes Allcare Pharmacy (near Holles Street) Dublin 2 & Rockfield Pharmacy, (Dundrum) Dublin 18


We are proud to partner Ricardo Maia and his team of pharmacists and OTC Assistants providing our patients with the very best pharmacy service and care. Working in partnership with Kent Ayers Fertility for the past 6 years, both Rockfield Pharmacy, Dundrum, Dublin 16 and Hayes Allcare Pharmacy near Holles Street Maternity Hospital, Dublin 2, carry a full supply of the range of fertilty medication prescribed by Dr. Ayers and his nursing team.

Most of the high-tech fertility medications usually have to be ordered in by your local pharmacy specifically for you, which can take up to a week to arrive. But as our partner pharmacies stock the full range of fertility drugs, you can have your prescription faxed ahead after your consultation with Dr Ayers – ready for collection immediately, or order them online @ www.kafertility.ie/prescription-orders


                             PHARMACY MEDICAL ADVICE HOTLINE 01 2967340

Through our partner pharmacies we provide a MEDICATION ADVICE HOTLINE for any questions or support you may require with your fertility medication regime from our highly trained pharmacists. Rockfield Pharmacy in Dundrum is open 365 days a year, 8am til 10pm and we are contactable on 01 2967340.

Unit 2, Rockfield Central, Balally Luas Station, Dundrum,

Dublin 16

T: 01 296 7340 / F: 01 296 7344

8am 10pm 365 days a year

16 Hogan Place,

near The National Maternity Hospital, Dublin 2

T: 01 662 4883 / F: 01 662 4884

8am – 7pm Monday – Friday















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