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New Patient Consultations

Some Information for you ….

At the initial appointment, Dr. Ayers (Leading International Fertility & Miscarriage Consultant) will take a comprehensive medical history and review any experiences you may have had to date with infertility/miscarriage, of if you are trying to conceive for the first time. This is an opportunity for you to ask questions and gather information, and receive an objective view on assessing any previous tests, or previous fertility treatments (if any) and most importantly will recommended treatment going forward

If you are a couple trying to conceive, we prefer to see both partners in order to take a comprehensive medical history & assess any further testing required for both partners. If you do not have a partner, we also provide the full range of satellite care with our partner IVF clinics to provide Egg/Sperm Freezing, Embryo Adoption, Anonymous & Non-Anon Egg/Sperm Donor treatment, Surrogacy, IUI etc for our single clients, and same-sex clients.

As we are an independent clinic, we tailor your treatment plan to your personal circumstances.


Only 30% of our patients require IVF, as Dr. Ayers is known for his outstanding success with medicated TSI treatments resulting in natural pregnancy enhanced by targeted assessments, preparation medication, follicle/lining tracking & pregnancy protection medication.

If IVF is required, we work with leading IVF clinics in Ireland and Internationally (FIRST IVF Clane, Institut Marques Barcelona, IVF Alicante, Spain, IVI London, Cube IVF Prague) and manage your care throughout – with exception to the actual IVF/fertility procedure on the days of egg colletion and transfer which would take place at our partner clinics. Or if you are already starting treatment with an IVF Clinic, Dr. Ayers will review your treatment plan & discuss the next steps required for your treatment care with us during your IVF treatment. If you are considering IVF, as you are aware, International Travel is also a key challenge/very high risk and limits our follow up service due to quarantine requirements etc. So for patients seeking IVF treatment in Ireland, we are currently recommending FIRST IVF who have taken over from Insitut Marques Clane Co. Kildare, who we partner to provide a full service pre and post treatment care plan.

The initial Consultation may take up 1 Hour (or longer for a recurrent miscarriage or later pregnancy loss which are more complex cases). The price of the intitial consultation is €350.00 which includes a full medical history review, an initial baseline scan if Dr Ayers requires it on the day (but this is not always necessary), prescriptions if required, and a recommeded treatment plan. Follow Up Scan or Review appointments are charged at  160e per appointment, and generally you will require 2-3 endometrial lining & follicle tracking scans per cycle once you commence medication. Any IVF treatment charges are paid direclty to the chosen IVF clinic by the patient as we have no involvement in these costings or payments.

Any blood tests/other assessments/procedures if required by Dr. Ayers will be charged seperately, as per our price list on the website www.kafertility.ie or referred to our Partner Gynaecologists/Partner Clinics for fast-track appoitments & direct payment,  such as Mammograme USS, Hycosy, ERA, Covid Testing, Cervical Screening, with exception to Semen Analysis/DFI Testing which we provide at our Clinic.

If you have been attending a GP, other Fertility Consultant/IVF Clinic or Maternity Hospital, it would be beneficial to email them to us in advance to [email protected]  once your appointment is confirmed.

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