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TSI Protocol




  1. Day 1 is first full day of bleeding. Day 1 is classified as first day of full flow before 12 noon.
  2. On Day 1 start Syneral (2 puffs AM and PM)
  3. On Day 2 start (PERSCRIBED MEDICATION) iu daily
  4. Email [email protected] for an appointment for a transvaginal ultrasound scan on day 10 of your cycle. (email when you start medication to ensure an appointment for day 10)
  5. Do not have unprotected sex prior to this ultrasound scan.
  6. Please make sure your bladder is empty prior to the scan.
  7. Further instructions at that time, as to when/if trigger MEDICATION can be taken which will be prescribed after your scan with further instructions.
  8. If on Progesterone supplementation, please commence these after ovulation has taken place.
  9. After 14 days you should perform a pregnancy test. If positive, ring for a blood test to confirm, you should continue the Progesterone to 12 weeks of pregnancy.
  10. If pregnancy test is negative, stop the Progesterone and a period will soon follow.




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