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Dr. Kent Ayers is a leading International Fertility Specialist, passionate about men and women’s health. In response to the many of our male patients who are waiting for Semen Screening and results as part of their Fertility Health Check, we are delighted to announce the launch of our new Private Screening Clinic at our rooms in 3 Lower Pembroke Street, Dublin 2, providing peace of mind without delay.

Sub fertility is usually described in common circles as being the woman’s problem. Infact in only 1/3 of cases it is down to the woman alone, in 1/3 it is down to the male partner, and 1/3 it is a bit of both!

The problem with identifying male factor subfertility up until recently, has been that the traditional semen analysis is incredibly variable, so much so, that research into how to improve sperm quality has not really been available.

One scientist famously did his own sperm count every two weeks for 2 years, and the count alone could vary from 200 million per ml to zero!  He was a father of 5!

There is a much more accurate and specific test now available called a DNA fragment index (DFI). This looks at how much sperm DNA breaks down as the sperm swims. With our test, any percentage over 15% results poorer outcome measures.

Happily, things can be done to improve outcome such as lifestyle changes and assisted reproduction techniques.

We now recommend a DFI on many of our male patients!

Our Accredited Clinical Embryologist 

Dr. Robert Downer, PhD

Dr. Robert Downer is a clinical embryologist certified by the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE).  In 2002 he graduated from Trinity College Dublin with a PhD in microbial genetics where he studied the mechanisms by which certain bacteria cause human disease.

Following his graduation Robert continued his research studies where he focused on developing rapid methods for detecting disease causing bacteria in food. Following these studies, he joined one of the world’s largest FDA-regulated diagnostics companies. There he led teams that supported, improved and maintained several diagnostic products used by oncologists in the management of cancer particularly liver, testicular and breast cancer. 

Since 2010 Robert has held positions in a number of IVF clinics throughout Ireland including lead clinical embryologist, laboratory manager, quality management and clinic manager. He has a deep knowledge of the scientific techniques involved in reproductive medicine as well as vast experience in the quality, regulatory and compliance aspects of the IVF sector in Ireland.

Robert has also provided training regarding the scientific techniques involved in reproductive medicine to medical students, GPs and medical professionals in hospitals. He has particular interest in the causes and treatment of male infertility and has presented research findings to the Irish Fertility Society (IFS).

What Happens Next?

Our Semen Screening Clinic runs every 2nd Wednesday from 10.30am to 2.30pm. To make your appointment, simply complete this form on our website so that we have as much information as possible about your medical history, and can tailor an appointment to your needs www.kafertility.ie/semen-screening-book-appt

Using this form to make your appointment helps us to have a personalised patient file set up prior to your arrival.

You will be met by Dr Robert Downer for consultation who will confirm your details and medical history, take you through the process, ask you to sign a consent form, and receive your semen sample WHICH YOU WILL PRODUCE AT HOME WITHIN 1-2 HOURS OF YOUR APPOINTMENT & BRING TO THE CLINIC WITH YOU.  Please follow these instructions when producing your semen sample as failure to do so may render the results invalid and you will still be charged for services provided.


The price of our SAME DAY RESULT Semen Analysis Test is €150.00, and a combined Semen Analysis & DNA Fragmentation Index Screening is €380.00. Your Doctor will advise you which test or tests you require. You can pay online for your convenience at the time of booking your appointment, simply select which test you require at the end of the form which will provide both options www.kafertility.ie/semen-screening-book-appt

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