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From clinical excellence, to research and innovation, to teaching the next generation of reproductive endocrinologists, to advancing cutting edge protocols, standards and practices in the field, IVIRMA Global is not only synonymous with the most advanced clinics and treatments, it represents a bright new path for this emerging field of medicine: one of relentless commitment to discovery, progress and parenthood for everyone that desires it.

Developing this overarching commitment to Reproductive Medicine is possible through four key areas:

  • CLINICAL Ensuring medical excellence, maintaining leadership in assisted reproduction treatments and continuing to set the global standard in the field.
  • R&D : Pioneering scientific research in the field with more than 500 researchers and 3,800+ published papers (2x more than the rest of the industry combined)
  • OPERATIONS : Supplying all our clinics with the tools they need to succeed, and carrying out a meticulous inventory and assessment of internal processes to ensure top performance inside and outside the exam room.
  • EDUCATION : The industry’s most trusted training programs to develop current and future staff, and the next generation of top reproductive endocrinologists and referring OBGYNs.

Our IVI London clinic is situated on Wimpole Street in London’s world-famous medical district in Marylebone. IVI London is equipped to offer a complete range of fertility treatment, including IVF, IUI and ICSI, as well as female and male fertility preservation. We also offer specialist genetic screening tests, such as preimplantation genetic testing for monogenetic diseases (PGT-M) and compatibility genetic testing (CGT).

The clinic is located less than 10 minutes’ walk from Oxford Street, offering convenient national and international transport connections from Central London for our Irish patients.

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