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FET Protocol




FOLIC ACID. You should take the recommended amount of folic acid daily before the scheduled treatment cycle. This is Department of Health advice for all women wishing to conceive and not just for assisted conception treatment. This vitamin has been shown to reduce the chance of spina bifida and is available from chemists. You should continue with it for as long as you are trying to conceive and for the first three months of pregnancy. Also, it is good advice to eat a balanced diet with plenty of vegetables and raw fruit.

SMOKING. Smoking can be dangerous during pregnancy and can also decrease your chance of conceiving. Therefore, it is imperative that you do not smoke.

CONSENT. Both partners prior to commencing treatment must sign a consent to treatment by insemination form.

NECESSARY TESTING. A full set of Viral Screening for HIV, Hepatitis B (Surface and Core) and Hepatitis should be completed within 90 days of initial IUI procedure.  This is as per EU Guidelines. A clear Rubella screen should be available for the female undergoing IUI procedure within 2 years of treatment.If is also recommended that all females attempting to achieve a pregnancy should have Cervical Smear tests carried out as per National Guidelines.



Before commencing with the proposed treatment, please ensure you have been given the following information.

 1. The limitation and possible outcomes of the proposed treatment – including the possibility the Embryo(s) will not survive the freezing/thawing process.

2.The possible side effects and risks of treatment

3. The technique involved

4. All alternative treatments

5. The costs involved and costs of alternative treatment

6. The availability of counselling facilities

7 The possible disruption to your normal life


 Day 1 of your Menstrual Cycle – please contact the clinic. Should this fall at the weekend please commence your medication as prescribed and call the clinic on the next day it is open. The purpose of this phone call is to inform us that you are starting treatment and also to book your first monitoring Ultrasound Scan with us. This first scan will be booked between Day 10 and 12 depending on the length of your cycle.

Day 2. You should start your prescribed medications as follows; Fematab 2mg Three times a Day

 Day 10 – 12. You will attend the clinic for your Ultrasound Scan. These scans are normally performed trans-vaginally and will require an empty bladder. Dr. Ayers or one of our Fertility nurses will perform your scan. These scans will need to be repeated every 2-3 days until the criteria for treatment has been met.

When your Endometrial lining has reached the required minimum thickness and you are deemed to be ready for your Embryo Transfer you will be given further instruction regarding when to take your Ovitrelle injection.  You will be given a date for your Embryo Transfer at your selected Clinic.    will also be advised to take Cyclogest pessaries twice a day in the 5 days before your Transfer. The day before your Embryo Transfer you should take your second Ovitrelle injection.  4 days after your transfer you will take your third Ovitrelle injection.

Occasionally the treatment will need to be abandoned. This is a natural occurrence and usually the advice will be to proceed with treatment again on the following cycle.  You will have the opportunity to meet with your Consultant should you wish.


When the correct date has been determined you will be given an appointment time for your Embryo Transfer. Embryo Transfer will occur in the Theatre Department which operates with a ‘Clean Air’ environment.  In order to maintain this, it is essential that you do not wear any make up, fake tan, perfume, body products etc.  All jewellery must be removed.  You will be given a special gown to wear and your hair and feet will also be covered.

This is usually a simple painless procedure lasting 5 to 10 minutes. The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis.  One of the doctors will carry out this procedure.

Please continue with your medications as prescribed.


We advise that you carry out a pregnancy test 9 days after your Frozen Embryo Transfer. Please contact the clinic with the result of this test.

If the test is positive we recommend that you have a blood test to confirm this result and the level of Bhcg hormone present in your system.  This can be carried out either in the clinic or with your GP.

Once the pregnancy has been confirmed we will book you in for an early Pregnancy Scan at approximately 6 weeks. You will also be required to give details of the outcome of any pregnancy resulting from your treatment.

If the test is negative, you can either re-commence treatment or book a review appointment with Dr. Ayers to discuss your case further.





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