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Kent Ayers Institut Marques ClaneInstitut Marquès have been our Partner IVF Clinic in Ireland for the past 3 years, delivering outstanding success rates for our patients. We  work closely with their team of International Fertility Doctors, both in Ireland and Barcelona to manage your patient care up to the time you have your IVF procedure, and return to us post-treatment, working closely with their team to ensure a holistic service from start to finish. 

 Institut Marques have been in Ireland since 2012, based in Clane, Kildare, and we are based at their Dublin location in the Beacon Consultants Clinic, Sandyford, Co. Dublin.  Their headquarters are located in Barcelona, the capital of reproductive medicine.Under the directorship of Dr. Marisa López-Teijón, Institut Marquès, currently has over 200 professionals dedicated to offering both medical attention of the highest quality, and an empathetic approach, delivering some of the highest pregnancy success rates in the world.

Some of the reasons Institut Marques are Leaders in investigation and assisted reproductive technology ….

  • Leadership in the introduction of new technologies IMSI, Embryoscope, PGD or Chip Fertile.
  • Broad programme of donation: egg, sperm and Embryos, with donors available from all different ethnic backgrounds.
  • Pioneers in the development of a worldwide Embryo Adoption Programme.
  • Pioneers in the Distance Oocyte Donation programme (Remote Egg Donation)
  • Own Sperm Bank & Egg Donor Programme
  • Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis Programme (PGD) for patients with fertility problems and hereditary diseases.
  • Pioneers in the use of music applied to Assisted Reproduction.
  • Single embryo transfer on the 5th day of culture (blastocyst).
  • All phenotypes available for the donation

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