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Ovulation Induction & TSI

What is Ovulation Induction & Timed Intercourse?

TSI Timed Sexual Intercourse is the use of ultrasound and blood work monitoring to properly time and engage in sexual intercourse. While often coupled with ovulation induction through a medicated protocol, timed intercourse is in and of itself, it is the simplest fertility “treatment,” available.

To determine if timed intercourse is a good fertility treatment for you (particularly if you have engaged in 1 year or more of regular unprotected intercourse), it is highly encouraged to have your male and female fertility testing complete before attempting this relatively natural fertility solution.

What to Expect

For a timed intercourse cycle, follicular development, endometrium lining thickness, and egg growth will be monitored via Ultrasound during the female’s menstrual cycle.

By monitoring the egg development, we will be able to determine the window of time in which the woman is ovulating. This allows couples to engage in sexual intercourse in conjunction with medications in an ovulation induction cycle otherwise known as a letrozole or clomid cycle, at the time which gives you the best chance of getting pregnant.

Because the egg will be fertilized via ejaculation into the woman’s vagina and have to travel to the egg inside the woman’s uterus or fallopian tube, it may be advised to have a semen analysis before moving on with this treatment.


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