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Sometimes all that is needed to help a couple conceive is to confirm that all investigations are normal. This may be appropriate for patients who are considering pregnancy and indeed those who have been trying for some time without success. However, where intervention is required, below are simple explanations of the main treatment options we provide


When a woman’s menstrual cycle is absent, irregular or when timing is an issue, we can cause eggs to mature with tablets, or injectable medication if necessary


Sometimes it is necessary to place a semen sample into a woman /the uterus. We use a local unit to prepare the sample either from the male partner or if necessary from a donor sample. At last audit, the success rates for this procedure were nearly 20%


Sometimes donor sperm is required. It is generally supplied from Scandinavia. You may choose various qualities or attributes that you prefer


Invitro Fertilisation is not only a treatment, but also the ultimate test of a couple’s fertility. We only consider its use if absolutely necessary

Women have their ovaries stimulated (supra ovulation) with injections and then have a minor procedure to have the eggs removed from the ovary. Sperm is collected through natural means or by surgical intervention (PESA, TESE) this can be mixed or individual sperm injected into each egg (ICSI, PICSI, IMSI)

Like most European units, we prefer the use of intracytoplasmic sperm injections (ICSI) as it has a slightly higher chance of success than IVF. Treatment is performed as a satellite service, through one of our local or international partner IVF Units depending on whether donor eggs/donor sperm is required


For some, those with familial diseases, recurrent miscarriage or increased maternal age, IVF with genetic testing of embryos prior to transfer is now an option.

Embryonic cells are either removed on day 3 (PGS, PGD) or day 5 (CGH)

At present the cells are sent to a laboratory away from Ireland, and for this reason we prefer IVF as a satellite service with one of our partners.

When genetic abnormalities are excluded, a success rate of over 70% can be expected


Egg Donation is a service provided to women who have ‘streak’ ovaries, premature ovarian failure (POF) and it is recommended for women over 45. Woman with ‘poor egg quality’ may also avail of this service

The service is provided by one of our international collaborators, and a decision on which unit to choose will be facilitated by us

Once you get your head around the concept (we will help you each step of the way with this…) the process is relatively easy. You will usually receive medication to be prescribed by us, and an ultrasound before travelling to the appropriate unit to have the embryos implanted. The success rates for IVF E.D. are extremely high


We have had several successful surrogacy pregnancies. Usually this treatment option is used for uterine abnormalities or absences, either congenital, or as a result of cancer. The easiest way forward is with a known surrogate (woman who will carry your baby) often it is a family member. There are aspects of Irish law which may make this difficult but they are not insurmountable

If we have to ask a foreign unit to find a surrogate it can be extremely expensive €40,000 – €100,000 depending on the country

With surrogacy in some countries it may be difficult to get the baby back into Ireland. We would normally recommend units in the Ukraine or USA for this reason


Sometimes women wish to preserve their fertility while they pursue an active life – it could be considered an’ insurance policy’. The woman will go through the early stages for IVF with supra ovulation & egg collection. The eggs will then be frozen for a later date.

At this stage, the process is in its infancy in Ireland, whereas other countries such as Spain have had years, and many cycles of experience.

One unit, has published data showing that frozen eggs can be just as effective as fresh eggs in producing pregnancies.

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