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Post Coital Testing

We are delighted to introduce our latest service to patients for in-house PCT (Post Coital Testing), led by Dr. Kent Ayers with our partner Embryologist Dr. Robert Downer. We are the only Fertility Clinic in Ireland offering this test. Results can be provided within 24 hours.

Post Coital Test or PCT is a simple investigation where the doctor evaluates the inability of a female to conceive and does not involve any elaborate procedures. If the doctor does not find the post coital test results conclusive, other tests or therapy may be needed. The post-coital test is often recommended as a part of the assessment when a couple has problems in conceiving a baby or unexplained subfertility. PCT as it is referred to, also known as the Huhner test, evaluates the interaction between sperm and cervical mucus which is essential to conceive a child.

Why Is PCT Done?

PCT is generally carried out to eliminate any cervical-related abnormalities if the female partner is unable to conceive. Doctors suggest the post coital test after it has been established through other tests that the female is ovulating well and the semen analysis of the male is normal.

Important Factors To Be Considered For a PCT

The timing of the PCT is most vital. The test, if conducted much before ovulation or too late after ovulation isn’t considered valid.

  • PCT has to be done within 24 hours of ovulation
  • The post-coital test will be considered valid if it is done within 4-6 hours of sexual intercourse.
  • It is important to have sex when you are ovulating, or the test may be considered invalid.

Steps During a PCT

During the postcoital test,  Dr. Ayers will carry out a physical examination of the female partner using a speculum.  Similar to a cervical smear test, a tiny amount of cervical mucus is then taken from the cervix for testing . The pelvic examination done does not cause any kind of problems to the female. A PCT is carried out in conjunction with a pelvic ultrasound scan to make sure that the test is being carried out at the time of ovulation. The cervical mucus is then carefully examined under a under a microscope by our resident embryologist to assess the quality of the cervical mucus, along with the sperm quantity and its motility.

How Is a Post Coital Test Report Evaluated?

The reports received after the test are evaluated as follows. The report is considered normal if :

  • Quality of cervical mucus is normal
  • Sperm motility is within desired levels
  • The sample shows normal amounts of sperm

The PCT report is considered abnormal if :

  • Non-mobile sperms are seen in the sample
  • No sperm or insufficient quantity of sperm is seen
  • Cervical mucus quantity is less, viscous and thick

Cost  :

The cost for the PCT is €200. Please note an additional monitoring scan & consultation will be required to establish ovulation timing in preparation for this test at a cost of €150. To book your PCT please email Cody at [email protected]  This clinic runs bi-weekly on Wednesdays.

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