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In order to select the right approach and treatment, we need to ascertain each individual’s fertility status using a range of simple diagnostic investigations which may include the following

Hormone Profile

We provide a fast-track service with our laboratory partner Medlab to measure hormone levels for both men and women (FSH, LH, E2, AMH, PRL, TSH, fT4 etc) throughout the course of your fertility treatment. Results are usually within 24 hours, and a copy can be sent to your GP or IVF Clinic.

Tubal Patency

In order to prove that the fallopian tubes aren’t blocked we can request local hospitals to perform an X-ray (HSG) or ultrasound (HyCoSy, SIS) The Beacon Hospital perform most our procedures

Ultrasound Scan

We are able to assess anatomy and monitor progress of your fertility treatment with regular ultrasound scans provided in-house with our trained medical team. A copy of these reports will be sent to your IVF Clinic. We also provide Early Pregnancy scans up to 8 weeks

Semen Analysis & (DFI) DNA Fragmentation Index

The primary investigation for men is semen testing. Our partner embryologist Dr. Robert Downer runs our Semen Screening Clinic every second Wednesday. As well as the standard Semen Analysis testing, we provide a more detailed assessment of male fertility called DFI. It is more accurate and re-producible than basic semen-analysis. It may indicate a need for lifestyle changes in the male patient. A sample is frozen here in Dublin and sent for analysis. Results will be emailed directly to the male partner with their latest research appropriate recommendations. 

Post Coital Test

Post Coital Test or PCT is a simple investigation where the doctor evaluates the inability of a female to conceive and does not involve any elaborate procedures. If the doctor does not find the post coital test results conclusive, other tests or therapy may be needed. The post-coital test is often recommended as a part of the assessment when a couple has problems in conceiving a baby or unexplained subfertility. PCT as it is referred to, also known as the Huhner test, evaluates the interaction between sperm and cervical mucus which is essential to conceive a child.

Our PCT Clinic runs every second Wednesday morning. 

Endometrial Assessment

An endometrial biopsy can be performed in house which will be assessed under a microscope looking for maturity, or possibly favourability and infection. We are currently collaborating in a study for endometrial receptivity (ERA)


Sometimes it is necessary to visualise the inside of the uterus with a small telescope. It is a minor procedure and involves no incisions. Your own gynaecologist can perform this if required or we will arrange for it to be performed by a local expert


When pelvic pathology such as endometriosis is suspected, it may be necessary to put a telescope in the abdomen through the umbilicus. Many abnormalities or pathologies can be treated this way, often at the same time

As with hysteroscopy your own gynecologist can do this, or we can facilitate this locally

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