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This is the start of a new life, a new life for you, a new life for those around you, and a new life being welcomed into the world. You are in safe hands with your early pregnancy at KA Fertility and our partner Team at Evie Antenatal Clinic, lead by Professors Sean Daly & Fergal Malone leading Obstetric Consultants


Dr. Kent Ayers has significant experience in past roles with UK Hospitals as a lead Obstetrician, along with our Midwife Nurse Vanessa Phelan who completed her midwifery training in the National Maternity Hospital, Dublin working in Ireland and abroad, in antenatal wards, post-natal wards, as well as Special Baby Care.


If your dates are correct, we should be able to see a heartbeat at 6 weeks by transvaginal ultrasound. However, sequential testing of blood and ultrasound is used to monitor your pregnancy from as early as 2 weeks as the first 8 weeks of an assisted pregnancy is a critical time. Our highly experienced medical team provide continuous assessment ultrasound scans, blood tests to measure pregnancy hormone levels, & medication reviews. These interventions are key to detecting potential ectopic pregnancies, threatened miscarriages or any other problems that can develop. In this instance, we refer you to our Partner Clinic Evie as a priority patient to arrange specialised medical care. For peace of mind, we offer a walk in-clinic to all of our Early Pregnancy patients each Wednesday. However, In the event of concern or emergency we will see you anytime Monday to Friday.

After your final 12 week scan with KA Fertility, you will continue your pregnancy monitoring at Evie for the remainder of your Pregnancy. Evie will help you to register in the maternity hospital of your choice, whilst having having all your antenatal and postnatal care in the comfort of their beautiful clinic, with the delivery of your baby in the maternity unit of your choice.

Evie’s team of expert midwives, dieticians, physiotherapists & lactation consultants in conjunction with our obstetricians, are dedicated to ensuring that you are looked after to the very highest standards of obstetric care and provide a unqiuely personal journey to parenthood. For more information, visit their website below

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