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Consultations & Fees


We welcome our patients into a warm informal consultation where our doctor will discuss your individual needs and take a comprehensive medical history and any experiences you may have had to date with infertility or miscarriage. This may take an hour or up to 2 hours for a recurrent miscarriage or later pregnancy loss which are more complex cases.

If you have been attending another fertility unit or maternity hospital, it would be beneficial if you can bring their results with you. If your GP has taken any blood testing or other tests, again the results will be helpful. However, don’t worry if not as we provide a full investigative process as part of our service to you

If you are a couple trying to conceive, we prefer to see both partners in order to take a comprehensive history and for emotional support to each other as you embark upon this journey to complete your family

The cost of initial consultation is €350. Please note that initial consultations can take up to one hour or more depending on the complexity of your medical history. Due to our extensive waiting list, a deposit of €50 is required to confirm your appointment. This deposit is non-refundable if you decide to cancel your appointment, however can be transferred to another date if enough notice is provided. Click here to send an appointment request and our Practice Manager will contact you to talk through your personal requirements and arrange an appointment for you. Thank You.



These will take account of investigations performed and will then lead to a discussion of treatment options. In more difficult situations, where treatment has failed, we can attempt to plan a new strategy for next steps. Sometimes fertility treatment can require  many attempts and varying treatments to tailor treatment & outcomes for each individual case.


There are numerous other blood tests and different types of histology  – all with different prices.  Above are the most common tests etc.




As we do not carry out IVF treatment, each of our referral IVF Clinics vary in price depending what treatment you have and which IVF clinic you decide on. We work with leading IVF clinic Institute Marques in Ireland, and a carefully selected range of IVF clinics in Europe and worldwide. We can assist in recommending the clinic most suited to your individual needs. All of the clinics have their own websites with pricing information, and accommodation information etc.

We specialise in managing your treatment care and monitoring in conjunction with the chosen clinic, which means that you only need to travel for the actual procedure. Prices for your initial consultation with us, tracking scans, blood tests, and other preliminary tests are detailed above. Please note that if you have already chosen your IVF clinic abroad, you will still need to make an initial new patient appointment with us to enable prescriptions to be issued for any fertility medication, general health-check and any tests required to be carried out, and provide a copy of your treatment plan in order that we can liaise with the medical team at your chosen clinic during your care.


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