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Dr. Kent Ayers is a leading International Gynaecologist, passionate about women’s health. In response to the many women of Ireland who are waiting for cervical checks, or results, we are delighted to announce the launch of our new Private Cervical Screening Clinic at our rooms in 3 Lower Pembroke Street, Dublin 2. 

Kent Ayers Fertility Clinic, Pembroke St. Dublin 2, has successfully launched a private Cervical Screening Service, offering women peace of mind without delay. Dr. Kent Ayers has also confirmed that private testing does not preclude patients from public follow up if needed – a key factor in deciding on the private route for Cervical Screening.

While a free Cervical Smear scheme is available in Ireland to all women to whom it applies, the turn-around time for this public service at present may not be acceptable to women who want fast reassurance.

What Makes our Cervical Screening Process Different?

KAF-icon   Direct Access to Consultant Gynecologist versus GP 

KAF-icon   Weekly Appointments

KAF-icon  10 Working Day Co-Testing result turnaround

KAF-icon  Co-Testing is combined testing of both standard cervical cytology sample (PAP smear) & High-Risk Human Papilloma Virus (hr-HPV) 

KAF-icon Each sample is screened by 2 independent Cytology Screeners and where required, abnormal findings are always verified by a Consultant Cytopathologist

KAF-icon ISO 15189:2012 INAB accredited Cytology Laboratory based in Dublin

KAF-icon Abnormal cervical screening findings will be escalated for further investigation by our Consultant directly to our extensive Private Hospital specialists for a priority appointment, or if preferred, to your GP for a Public Hospital referral 

The risk of developing cervical cancer cannot be reduced to zero with any of the currently available screening tests. Both Co-Testing and primary hr-HPV testing are more sensitive and have a higher negative predictive value than cytology screening alone. However less than 2% of results are abnormal and can be treated effectively with early detection

Our Accredited Cytology Partners

Testing is carried out here in Ireland by our partner laboratory MedLab Pathology in Sandyford, Co. Dublin who are certified to the highest standards, with a dedicated Cytology department employing leading scientists & clinicians in this sector. MedLab are devoted to maintaining and growing the vital skill sets of cytology screening in Ireland.

Our long-standing relationship with our Irish partner laboratory provide patient benefits of a faster turnaround, better communications and most importantly, a traceable process.

What Happens Next?

To make your appointment, simply complete this form on our website so that we have as much information as possible about your medical history, and can tailor an appointment to your needs https://www.kafertility.ie/cervical-screening/book-cervical-smear-appt/

Using this form to make your appointment helps us to have a personalised patient file set up prior to your arrival.

You will be met by one of our senior Nurses who will confirm your details and medical history, take you through the process, ask you to sign a consent form, attend with the Consultant carrying out the Cervical smear, and complete the paperwork for the laboratory. 


Results should be back to us within 10 working days. Once verified by Dr. Ayers, a Consultant report will be emailed to you and your GP, in a password protected file using your own full DOB as the password, which will only be known to you and us, you. Kent Ayers Fertility is GDPR compliant and all personal details are stored in our secured patient database


The cost of our combined Cervical Screening test carried out by our Consultant Gynecologist includes a copy of the results and Consultant report sent directly to you and your GP, and if required, fast-track referral process by our Consultant for further investigation . The Price is €225.00 which can be paid online for your convenience at the time of booking your appointment www.kafertility.ie/cervical-screening/book-cervical-smear-appt


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