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As a Junior doctor, Kent was inspired by the work and teachings of Prof. Lesley Regan who is the world authority on the management of recurrent miscarriage. Initial consultations will be time consuming.

We will discuss all the causes of miscarriage including polycystic ovarian disease, thombophillia (including the need for a Thromboelastogram), Homocystenaemia, anatomy and genetic causes. We will have a limited discussion on immunology.

When pregnant, you will be supported throughout your first trimester until your initial hospital visit


A miscarriage is when you lose a pregnancy at some point in the first 23 weeks. When this happens three or more times doctors call this recurrent miscarriage. For women and their partners it is a very distressing problem.

Around one woman in every 100 has recurrent miscarriages. This is about three times more than you would expect to happen just by chance, so it seems that for some women there must be a specific reason for their losses. For others, however, no underlying problem can be identified; their repeated miscarriages may be due to chance alone.

Most couples who have had recurrent miscarriages still have a good chance of a successful birth in future. If you have had recurrent miscarriages, you may be offered blood tests and/or a pelvic ultrasound scan to try to identify the reason for them. In spite of careful investigations, it is often not possible to find the reason for recurrent miscarriages. Your doctors will not be able to tell you for sure what will happen if you become pregnant again.

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